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Anatomic Human Foot & Lower Extremity Version 2.0

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Anatomic Human Foot & Lower Extremity Version 2.0

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UPDATE 9 August 2013
-refined geometry in the foot and ankle. Some people were troubled with the faceted geometry before, so now it should print smoother

UPDATE 31 January 2013
-Added Ankle and Knee Joints with 4 additional bones (Fibula, Tibia, Patella, and distal Femur)
-Vastly improved Metatarsals
-Corrected Foot alignment
-Talus has been completely revamped from a low polygon retopology from 123D Catch reconstruction of Cadaver Specimen.

There are 26 proper bones in the human foot; 28 if you consider the sesamoids of the 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint complex. That's over 25% of your body's total musculo-skeletal anatomy, hitting the ground every time you go for a walk or run! Quite impressive, really.

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This anatomic foot model was designed in Newtek's Lightwave 3D, as part of the podcast @ www.YouTube.com/DrGlassDPM

Anatomic study models can be quite expensive,http://search.anatomywarehouse.com/search?keywords=foot&x=0&y=0 so I wanted to share my printable version with the Thingiverse crowd and give a big shout out to Freeside Atlanta's Hackerspace!

by DrGlassDPM, published May 6, 2012

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