Reprapper’s new 250g package filament

When it comes to 3d printing filament, 1kg spool seems to be dominating. But still many 3d printing enthusiasts prefer smaller spools as when the budget is for 1kg, they can get more colors or types to try. To meet the diverse needs, Reprapper now offers 250g spools of PLA, Flexible, Wood and Copper PLA filament. 250 spool filament is compatible with all kinds of lockless 3d printer in the market.

Net weight: 250g, Spool size: 150mm diameter, 51mm hub, 41mm height

  • 250g PLA filament

             Biodegradable, smooth finish surface, can print models in large size without warping



  • 250g Flexible filament

         Highly flexible and compressible, higher strength and better finish surface




  • 250g Wood filament 

         Look & smell like wood, indehiscent and great finish surface, prints big-size models without warping


  • 250g Copper PLA filament

         Surface & smell like copper, great heat conductivity, solidifies quickly, easy to remove support parts