Flexible filament is different compared to normal 3d filament because of its elasticity and compressibility. In most cases, our customers would use flex material in shoe making process for designing.

Recently, we noticed that one of our customers used flexible filament to print insole. Actually 3d printing insole is not news as many companies can offer this service. But they said that using flexible material to print insole would be better as it feels softer. 3d printing is such new technology that it makes custom service much easier. To make a custom insole, first, use a 3d scanner to get a person’s foot and shoe data. A specific software can turn the collected data into a 3d design. Changes can be made if customer requires. Once the 3d model is confirmed, it can be printed out with flex material. Customer will try it to see if it fully fits. The insole model can be adjusted if needed. In fact, 3d printing insole in this way is just a design procedure for making a custom insole. When a final insole model is confirmed, the insole will be made with suitable material for human foot.

Would you use flex filament to make a custom insole? Share your opinion with us by sending email to: innovation@reprappertech.com.