Hi all, it is been a while since Simon post previous RepRapper’s news here. This is Sara from REPRAPPER TECH. I writing this post to share one news that REPRAPPER TECH will donate 5000 rolls to NPO & Education. Also including some new function of our new website and some rewards from our company.

We can not achieve such success in the past 3 years in 3D printing filament area without all of your kindly support. Your innovations, your suggestions, your repeat purchasing fabricated today’s REPRAPPER TECH. We appreciate all of your support and want to present to you for a long time. Now we are finally structured the rewards & donation system.

For anyone who gives suggestions on our products, we will reward them. For example, if one consumer can give us suggestions on our products, we will reward them 100 points. For anyone who has innovation of new products, we will send him the free sample of this material. For more details you can view through our Rewards & Recognition part.

In order to thanks for different area people’s contributions to 3D printing technology. We set REPRAPPER TECH’s unique Discount Day. From Monday to Sunday, we will offer special discount for set workers. For example, Monday is Engineer Day. If you are an engineer you can buy products with a discount from our website. Tuesday is University Day. If you are a students or teacher of an university. You can buy products with a discount from our website. You can see Rep-promotion for more details.

Besides this, REPRAPPER TECH really wants to contribute something in 3D printing field. So we want to donate 5000 rolls filament over the world to this NPO and Education field. If you are one of the representative in this field, you can contact us through marketing@reprappertech.com.

That is what currently we can do. In the future when we have more capability, we will contribute more in 3D printing field.