With 3D printers, people can make things for themselves, for fun. Now more and more enthusiasts or makers share their designs on the Internet. Many creations are quite attractive that one may want to create some day. Recently, we came across this Bubble Bucket which aroused the memory of our childhood. What’s different is this is a much larger design which makes much more bubbles.


This bubble machine is so impressive by just looking at its picture. As the designer said “the machine has the ability to blow between 2,000 and 14,000 bubbles per minute. It includes 40 bubble wands, each including 6 ‘bubblers’. A full chain rotation is completed every 10 seconds, and typically between 1 and 10 bubbles are successfully formed per bubbler each time.” Can you image the view of the yard filled with multiple bubbles? Using this Bubble Bucket for fun must be awesome, not only for children, but also for adults.


Do you like bubble fun? Well, the designer Scratchhax shared the bubble bucket 3D files and also the assembly instructions for free on Thingiverse. For full news of this bubble machine, please view http://3dprint.com/84721/3d-printed-bubble-machine/.