Last year, Reprapper had launched the 5000 Rolls 3D Printing Filament Donation Program to help NPO & Education Institutes. And at that time, we have helped many schools and organizations which use 3d printing for education or charitable programs.

During the program, we cooperated with one special organization — Choca-esos5, whose purpose is to donate prosthesis to Colombian Children who are suffering from the conflict and violence as well as genetics malformation.

The prosthesis designed by Choca-esos5 has nice looks, great quality, and most importantly they are tailor made for kids, which are fully functional. Anyone will be impressed by the work Choca-esos5 has done in this meaningful project. Check out in their website:


With 3d printing, the talent team of Choca-esos5 is able to utilize their knowledge and advances to design lightweight and functional prosthesis for children. Before, it seems that the use of 3d printing is mostly limited to rapid prototyping, which is at the stage of product development. But from the prosthesis Choca-esos5 has created, we see that 3d printing has a great potentials for end products as well.


Choca-esos5’s project is so awesome and Reprapper Tech will continue to cooperate with them to help more children in need.