Sometimes we need to print models with overhang or gap between parts. After the print is finished, the support material has to be removed so we get the desired print. We all know that when we 3d print with PLA, the support removal can be hard whether we dissolve with solution or just break with tools. In this respect, Copper PLA is quite different from normal PLA. With copper powder mixed into PLA, copper filament turns to be very easy to remove any supporting parts.


The first picture below is a Voronoi style sheep we printed with copper PLA. From the picture, we see many supporting parts (esp inside) when the print is finished.


Using pliers, we are able to remove all the support materials. The removing process turns to be smooth. And from the second picture, you can see that the surface is nice without any ugly scars resulting from support removal.

So this is copper PLA, a 3d print material that makes removing supporting parts easier. Do you like this special filament? Share your thoughts with us. Any ideas concerning this material is welcome: