Are you still suffering from cross tangle issue of 3D filament?

In case you have met issues like these:

  1. Printed for about 24 hours and suddenly the filament cross tangled and no filament feeding for extruder.
  2. Filament jammed during printing.


And then you found out that it is mainly because of the not perfectly winding of filament on the spool. When you suffer from these issues you will understand how important the reliable quality is.


But you can do nothing because all suppliers are winding filament like this. This is the history before Dec 1st 2014. Now if you want you can never suffer from this issue again. REPRAPPER TECH has found a solution to that.


As one of the leading 3D filament suppliers, REPRAPPER TECH Co., Ltd has never stopped to continuously improve its products. We collect many feedbacks from the market. Cross tangle issue happens from time to time for 3d printing. REPRAPPER TECH invested a lot of study and try to solve this issue. Finally, we did it.


Here you can see pictures of Reprapper’s newly coiled filament vs. previous coiled filament:


 Reprapper newly coiled filament comparison


 This new coiled filament is available for order now!