Though REPRAPPER TECH has many different filament spools, but they can not suitable for all 3D printer. In order to solve these issue, some of our consumer designed several spool holder that can use our filament on their 3D printer. Here we share these design model. We also would like to say “Thank you” for these people.

1. Printable Spool Roller

by CidVilas, published May 5, 2012



Inspired by the many attempts to create a spool holder.

The STL file contains a printable spool holder for spools coming from RepRapper Tech 

The OpenSCAD file allows you to enter in just a few details about your particular spool, and hardware. After that you simply compile and print. These types of spool holders are great, but require care. If you let the filament get too loose, it will tangle. So be sure to keep tension on that filament!

Prepared STLs:
- PrintableSpoolHolder-RepRapper.STL


If you are using the spools provided from RepRapper Tech then use the STL. Otherwise, make sure to download the OpenSCAD file and modify to suit.

4x M4 Bolt
4x M4 Nuts
8x M4 Washers
4x 624 Bearings (Sourced from dismantled Sells Mendel)


Build to suit! If you want to throw in Fender washers, simply modify the SCAD as necessary, reprint, and rebuild!


2.Parametric Spool wall hanger/holder for Reprapper

by drkow, published Apr 15, 2013

Designed this to hold all my repraper plastic spools. 
Print and enjoy! 
The openscad file has some consts that you can edit to make this work with other spool and screw sizes. The included settings work great with all 3 varieties of spools that I've received from repraper and voxelfactory.

3.Reprapper 160mm 1kg spool bearing

by mcentric, published Mar 31, 2014

Designed this as a spool bearing for all my Reprapper small 160mm diameter plastic spools. 

Print and enjoy! 


4.Reprapper Filament mounter for Makerbot Replicator

by mirrorboy, published Nov 7, 2012

Designed this as a filament monuter for all my Reprapper small 160mm diameter plastic spools. Suitable for Makerbot Replicator and other 3d printers.

Print and enjoy! 


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