When the Children’s day came, Reprapper Tech launched this new product — 3d pen filament, which is cut into sticks. Just like ballpoint pen refills, 3d pen filament sticks make it more convenient to draw.


Unlike 3d printer, 3d pen is easier for children to use. Just fill in the filament, press the button, 3d pen enables children to draw whatever they like in the air into a 3-dimentional object. 3d drawing is not only fun for kids, but also helps to cultivate their creativity, to unleash their imagination and express ideas.


Actually, 3d drawing is not only for children. Artists or designers, whoever likes hand crafting, can take the advantage of it to make amazing things or show their idea. 

3d pen sticks are now available for orders. For order, pls send email to sales@reprappertech.com. For any fresh ideas to share, pls send email to innovation@reprappertech.com.