Although Reprapper Tech now offers many color options of filament, skin color is one that many customers said that they would expect. Some customers want to use filament with skin color to print something unique, like human body, or they can print their baby model. Knowing there is demand for this special color, Reprapper’s R&D department decided to develop a series of skin color filament.


Reprapper’s Skin Color Series include PLA and flexible filament, each with four colors – skin pink, skin black, skin beige and skin white. We offer four different colors so that people can pick the skin color they prefer. With this special color filament, makers can print something requiring a skin color.


For PLA skin color filament, it prints just as well as other Reprapper PLA filaments. We recommend to use 210°C as the print temperature (which still differs depending on printers). Heated bed is not needed when using blue tape to get better prints.


Here are the prints we tested using PLA skin color filament:

Flexible filament with skin color is another filament which some customers asked for. Some medical students or staff want to use this color filament to print human bodies for study & research. After some tests, the recommended temperature for printing Reprapper’s skin color flexible filament is 200°C (still differs among diverse 3d printers). There is no need for a heated bed, but blue tape can help to get good results.


View the tested prints we got here:

So do you like Reprapper’s skin color filament series? If interested, do not hesitate to have a try to create something with this unique color.