Since its release, copper PLA has received a lot of attention. Here we would like to share some feedbacks we got about this new material so that people get to know more about Reprapper’s copper PLA:


FAQ 1: As the copper PLA has copper powder, how does it print?

Answer: For copper PLA we add 30% copper powder into PLA and mix. With PLA being the main material, copper PLA prints quite well on common FDM 3d printers.


FAQ 2: Is this filament metallic copper or just PLA with copper color?

Answer: Copper PLA is a PLA-based filament added with 30% copper powder. With the added copper, the filament has got the surface and smell of copper, which one will consider it’s a metal filament.


FAQ 3: Is copper PLA conductive?

Answer: The copper PLA is not conductive although it contains copper.


FAQ 4: It seems that Reprapper only offers 1.75mm for now. What about this filament in 3.0mm diameter?

Answer: We can offer both 1.75mm and 3.0mm copper PLA now on our website.


FAQ 5: What is so special about copper PLA?

Answer: Copper PLA is special because: 1. with copper PLA, one can print models with copper surface; 2. this filament’s heat conductivity is great, which means it solidifies quickly, making it able to print overhanging parts without supporting material; 3. copper PLA prints relatedly faster, which is not easy to cause clogs in printer head.


FAQ 6: We want to have a try of copper PLA. What spool can we get?

Answer: We have 250g and 1kg copper PLA available on our website now.