How to produce straw 3D printing filament?

If you are reading this article, I think you have already printed some models with 3D printer and have some knowledge about 3D printing filament. 3D printing technology is really an exciting thing that can make your imagination come true. But do you know how the 3D printing filament was produced? Now let us discover how REPRAPPER TECH’s unique straw filament was produced.

The whole process can be described as follows:





 1.Collecting straw and make them into powder.This process covers 3 steps.



Step 1: Collecting straw from farmer. Of course there is a systematic way to do this. Here we will ignore this complex process which is more related with business operation but not knowledge.

Step 2: Cleaning the straw to assure there is no contamination in it in order to make good quality products. Then dry the straw.

Step 3: Grinding straw into powder. Our current powder size is 800~1000 mesh.



2.Mixing straw powder and polymer and make making them as into granule.

This process covers from straw to powder. There are 4 steps:



Step 1: In order to avoid foaming of the straw material, first we need to modificate the surface of straw powder.


Step 2: After modification of the powder, we need to dry the powder in order to avoid potential forming and get smooth surface.

Step 3: Mix straw powder with polymer and extrude through plastic extruding machine.


Step 4: Cut the material into granule



3.Extruding the granule to 3D printing filament.


Step 1: In order to avoid foaming of the straw material, first we need to dry the straw granule.


Step 2: After drying the granule, set the right temperature and other parameters of the machine and extrude the filament.

Step 3: Spooling the filament.


Step 4: Pack the filament for delivery.

Now you may understand the whole production process of straw filament. If you want to know more information, you are welcome to visit our factory and we can show you more.

Here are some of the models that are printed with our straw 3D printing filament.


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