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Medina replacement

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All pieces are 20cm x 20cm base.

This started as me just taking pgu5787's design and breaking it up so I could print the parts separately.

Hope you like! If you are making a full set, this will take a while to print.

English rules for the game can be found online. I will not post a link here. The intent of this is to expand on the game if you love it, not to replace a purchase of the game. The new 2014 reprint is very nice.


Picture shows all designs I have printed out so far.
Silver Jet brand HIPS

-0.18 mm layer height
-240° C
-Bed Temp: 110° C
-Sliced in Cura 14.09 for Lulzbot
-Printed on a Lulzbot Mini

Due to the height and the small base, I suggest printing the rooftops pieces with brim enabled. The other pieces seem to stay up fine.

I have not printed the tower or palace tiles yet. I would suggest a very fine layer height as detail shown on a horizontal face like this ends up looking a lot like a topographical map otherwise.

Tip for the tea/palace/tower tiles. If you want a smoother flat surface, print them with 100% infill. My cura settings put infill under the 3d extrusions, and this caused the print head to move in a very random way across the finished surface.

I was fine with this, so I left it this way. Your mileage may vary.


by Alluvian, published Jul 26, 2015

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