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RepRapper PLA 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament-Nature color

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RepRapper PLA 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament-Nature color

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PLA filament manufacturer
32 color for each material
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RepRapper PLA Filament

REPRAPPER PLA 1.75mm 3D printing filament is one of the best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament that compatible with MakerBot 3D printer, UP 3D printer, Afinia 3D printer, solidoodle 3D printer.


3D printer filament parameter










Printing temperature


Net weight


Spool size

250mm diameter, 52mm hub, 40mm height

Gross weight



Vacuum sealed, individual box



  1. Straw spool which more environmental friendly and nice appearance. We are the only one with this spool over the world.
  2. Filament function not only compatible all 1.75mm 3D printer without lock key, the spool size also suitable for MakerBot replicator 5th generation.


Why PLA?

There are some reasons why you need PLA.

  1. Smooth surface.
  2. Can be printed with large size without wrapping.
  3. Environmental friendly that can be biodegrading.


RepRapper PLA 3D printing filament compatible with MakerBot 3D printer, UP 3D printer, Afinia 3D printer, Solidoodle 3D printer etc who without lock key of their filament with 1.75mm diameter.


Why us?

1)    Direct manufacturer, top 3D printer supplier's top choice.

2)    With reputation of innovation on 3D printer field over the world.

3)    Not only tight quality control on products itself, the more important is the systematic quality control on the whole supply chain.

4)    Fast delivery. Ship out products within 5 days for all color and material if less than 1000 kg.

5)    Spool can be customization but need longer time.

6)    Accept OEM/ODM over the world for large order.

7)    Unconditional return(Buyer need afford delivery cost if no quality issue)


Though we recommend you using REPRAPPER brand filament, but not means you must buy from us directly. We also recommend you buy our reseller in your local region to save the deliver cost. Of course buying from us also welcome.


In order to get a successful printing journey, you can view the following tips for reference.


How to get a perfect printing model?

In fact you want to get a perfect printing model, you need a reliable printer with the 3D printer at right temperature under right parameter setting. It means that your printer should under good condition; your filament should be good enough. The following tips are based on this question.

Tip 1: What is your idea printing temperature?

In fact different printer series and different printer sensor has different temperature tolerance. Regardless sensor difference, the printing temperature of REPRAPPER ABS filament is 200~260℃, the idea temperature is 230℃. Different color has little variance. The printing temperature of REPRAPPER PLA filament is 170~240℃, the idea temperature is 210℃. Different color has little variance.

For UP and Afinia printer, you can use it directly under ABS or PLA mode (Depends on what material you bought). For Makerbot etc printer that allows you change the temperature, you can set a temperature (e.g. 230℃), then extrude the filament manually before printing. If you saw the filament can flow up smoothly without bubble, it means that temperature is ideal setting.

Tips 2 How to avoid printing parts tilt?

It is very important for the first layer. You want to get a successful printing model you need to assure the platform is leverage. If the platform is not leverage the probability of tilt will increase. Before you begin your job you need to confirm the nozzle to all platform distance is the same.

The filament can be stick on ABS board/ solderless breadboard/3M 2090 tape/Kapton tape etc.

When you printing, the closer between nozzle to platform the better but should not break the platform.

Tips 3. How to avoid PLA jam at nozzle?

We have study on this. The printing temperature and extruder design are critical on this. If print at high temperature, the PLA will soft and the extruder can not push the soft melt PLA out of nozzle because the filament will not strong enough to push the melted PLA. It will bent. The extruder design also very important, if the inner surface is not smoothly enough or the diameter is not big enough, it will cause the same issue. It is not relate with filament itself. At least our filament can get good printing results.

Tips 4. How to avoid printing failure?

Before you begin your job, you need to confirm:

1)   The filament is good, no clog and with consistence diameter. Wired well. 

2)   The filament feed system can feed the filament smoothly to avoid lack of filament in the extruder during printing.

During printing you need to confirm:

1)   The temperature is ideal and the extruded filament at nozzle is smoothly without bubble.

2)   The first layer is OK as mentioned above.

If you avoid these issue but your still print failure parts, it may caused by your printer’s reliability. According our experience, the distinguish of a good printer or bad printer is their reliability. For FDM mode printer, for one or two model, all printing results is similar regard the surface. But when print 100 times will them success 100 times is the make difference point. For example, for Z axis movement, if your setting is 0.2mm, will they move 0.2mm exactly? If higher than 0.2mm the extruded filament may not stick to the near bottom printing model. If less than 0.2mm it may make the nozzle touch the printed model. Both of that will cause failure printing.

 Now starting your 3D printing journey!

REPRAPPER, Beyond Imagination through Innovation!

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