REPRAPPER TECH Co., LIMITED is a global professional 3D printing filament manufacturer that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2012, REPRAPPER TECH has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of 3D printer products at attractive prices through, and and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages. POM/Nylon/Wood/T-crystal/Flex

REPRAPPER TECH Co., LIMITED aims to be world class level 3D printer consumable supplier. We are a company full of innovation.

As to 3D consumables. we are the first one developed conductive filament, color changed by temperature filament over the world. Nowadays we are the leading company over the world who can supply ABS/PLA/HIPS/PC/POM/Nylon/Wood/Flexible 3D printer filament. We have Normal color series / Fluorescence series (UV-sensitive)/Glow in the dark series / Color changed by temperature series / Color changed by light series filament.

All of our products meet RoHS Criteria and got related certificate by SGS. Our plant passed Iso 9001 audit and got certification.

Our business mode is flexible. We have our own brand. We can also do OEM and ODM for large orders. Our goal is to accelerate technology evolution in 3D printer area.

REPRAPPER got trademark certificate and build reseller channel over the world.