There are several Rewards & Recognitions which cover Loyal consumer & customer, active supporters who provide positive suggestions and ideas, active supporters who advertise our products.


*Loyal consumer & customer:

For the people who register as our member, each $1 she/he spend, 1 reward point she/he will get. In the end they can buy our products with the points. 50 reward points will be $1.


*Active supporter who provide positive suggestions:

We do believe that external suggestion is one of the key inputs to make us better. We appreciate these people who can share their feelings and suggestions with us. For every suggestion, we will offer then at least 50 points.


*Active supporter who advertise our products:

We do believe that these people who can advertise our company or products means she/he recognizes our company. For these people, we will provide award points. For people who share or advertise our company or products on the internet, Send the link directly to, you can earn at least 100 points. For people who invite your friend to sign up and buy products from the website, we'll provide them 100 points and 50 points to this friend.


Reward category

Award rule

Loyal consumer & customer

$1 buying get 1 point

Active supporter who provide positive suggestions

1 suggestion = 50 points

Active supporter who advertise our products

1 post = 50 points

1 video = at least 100 points

1 success recommendation and your friend buying:

You get 100 points, your friend get 50 points


Besides the rewards, we will select 2 representatives each month and show their names on the reward board of our monthly newsletter. It may be shown on our website too. Of course, we will ask your permission before advertising your name.