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Rina Total posts: 1 Joined: 11/26/20 06:16:17

If you need some mechanical components or exterior parts, something more functional than aesthetic. PETG can be a ideal choice. PETG combines ABS durability and PLA printability. And another thing to make it popular is that it’s considered to be food-safe.  That being said, most beginners may find it’s hard to get a good print with it and some tests are needed to help find the best settings.


The most common problems you may come across can be the outrageous stringing. PETG is sticky, meaning it can have better layer adhesion. So is easy to have stringing.


To reduce this, first try to increase the retraction distance and the retraction speed and tweak the settings in tiny increments to dial in the perfect retraction settings. Another way is to reduce the the minimum travel distance.


On the other hand, the printing temperature are surely need to check, if adjusting the retraction doesn’t make much difference. Try to decrease the nozzle temperature or just print a temp tower. Look the details of the tower and use the exact temp to get the perfect printing performance.


Until next time, happy printing!


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Posted: 11/26/20 06:16:17
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