Maybe you will think oversea shopping is complicate and longtime story. Don’t worry, it is easy and fast to do it if you follow our process one by one. Of course we suggest you purchasing directly from our local reseller in your country. If there is no reseller in your country maybe you can be the one. Of course if you want to experience oversea shopping you can buy directly from us too.

In fact the whole order process is simple as above 5 steps. For more details please refer the following steps.

Step 1: Select your items.

(1)     Click one item



Step 2: Add to Cart.

(1)     If the products is what you want, then input the quantity and then click “Add to Wishlist” button.


(2)     If you want to order more products, click “Continue Shopping”; If you want to check out, click “Go to Shopping Cart”.


Step 3: Check out items

Before you click “Check out”, you need to confirm the shopping items are right, the quantity are right.



Step 4: Reward  Point

If you have “Discount codes” and want to use it, please enter the code and click “Apply Coupon”.

Step 5: Check out

The most important is you need to fill your contact information correctly and click “Check out”.

If your delivery address is the same as paypal account, you can click “Check out with PayPal”. If your delivery address is different, you can click “Check out” and fill the right address.


Step 6: Fill in Billing Address 


Then select which deliver method you want and Click “Update Total”. You will see the total cost including shipping.


Step 7:Select “Shipping method” and “Payment method”.

 Click “Place order now”


Step 8: Choose a way to pay 


Step 9: select  the shipping method


Step 10: Update Order Data and Order

Step 11.Suggest to order!Get suggest ticket 

Take your items:)